Aero Bar Plugs Set of Four

Introducing TriRig's unique, aero-shaped bar plugs. These plugs can be used either at the front of an extension (for 1x use), at the front of a base bar (for track use), or the rear of an extension. The hybrid parabolic bullet-tip shape is the most aerodynamic shape of any bar plug on the market.

Each set includes two closed versions, for use when cables do not need to be routed through the plug, and two open versions for cable routing. The open versions have a 4mm rear-facing port for standard cable housing, and a 2mm downward-facing port for electronic wires. This vertical port makes the TriRig Aero Bar Plugs the only product on the market to allow vertical routing of electronic wires, eliminating the 'wire loop' caused by standard rear-facing cable ports. The open ports also feature a split down the middle, meaning they can be installed before or after cables/wires are run.

A set of bar plugs is included with every Alpha One aerobar sold.