Omni Carbon TT Bike Frameset
Omni Carbon TT Bike Frameset
Omni Carbon TT Bike Frameset
Omni Carbon TT Bike Frameset
Omni Carbon TT Bike Frameset

Omni Carbon TT Bike Frameset

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Omni: the Perfect Ride

Omni, the complete bicycle that represents everything we know about the triathlon experience, and what drives performance. TriRig is incredibly proud of what GCN called the FASTEST TT bike on the market when reviewing Omni. Omni is built on over six years of experience, thousands of hours of design, and countless Ironman victories on our products. Omni isn't just another bike, it's the bike. It's incredibly fast, easy to build and maintain, and the true triathlete's companion. Omni is everything.

Our carbon bike frameset is meticulously crafted to enhance speed, aerodynamics, and overall performance, making it a top choice for competitive athletes. Its innovative features and construction allow for effortless assembly and maintenance, providing convenience to athletes who want to focus on training and racing.

Check out this WIND TUNNEL STUDY to learn about the Omni's speed and crosswind stability!

GO HERE to see additional features on the Omni. 

Omni is a complete solution to a triathlete's entire needs. The Basic Frameset is offered for those who want to take advantage of Omni's radical design and performance at the most affordable price point.

  • Frame/fork/seatpost
  • Storage Box
  • Aero-matched skewers
  • Silca 4mm hex wrench in integrated chainstay storage slot
  • FSA 1-1/8" headset, PF30 bottom bracket, and all hardware


    Fit First

    Omni was designed from the ground up with a centrist fit that accommodates the widest possible variety of athletes. Combined with our Alpha One aerobar, it will fit everyone from the first-time triathlete to the multiple world champion. And our interactive fit chart gives you all the info you need to set up your rig perfectly.

    Aero Supremacy

    Omni's radical Monofoil design is amazingly fast, but it's just the beginning. Every last detail on the bike has been attended to, in order to win the battle of "death by a thousand cuts" that is aerodynamic speed.

    Simplicity Defined

    Omni features a large number of innovative and aero features, but never forgets to be easy to work with. It uses standard interfaces everywhere, like a 1-1/8" headset, standard brake mounts, and PF30 bottom bracket. Take advantage of everything Omni has to offer, while still being able to easily maintain and service the bicycle.

    The Perfect Ride

    Of course, all the trick aero integration doesn't matter if your bike doesn't steer well. Omni handles brilliantly, so that you'll stay comfortable and in control, so you can stay in the aero position all day and focus on your effort. Ride large tires, ride on a trainer, and ride comfortable.

    Check out our YouTube VIDEO on Omni. 

    See all of Omni's impressive features right here » All Features.

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