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Replacement Pads - Mini Open Back Arm Cups

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No returns on Mini Open Back Arm Cups or Replacement Pads.

TriRig is proud to make Alpha's spare parts available for separate purchase. If you need replacements, here they are. You can now buy the following:

  • NEW Mini Open Back Arm Cups: our new Mini Open Back Arm Cups are the ultimate in comfort. They work with all versions of our aerobars, and now come standard on our aerobars. They feature adjustable, slotted holes, so they can also work with almost every other bar on the market. The hole spacing is published in the images above, so you can compare to your own setup. The Mini Open Back Arm Cups have a large surface area, more arm wrap, and a super grippy textured neoprene pad, and ultimately a more comfortable and stable ride. They are more comfortable than anything on the market other than our own Scoops. They may interfere with a BTA bottle when used in certain narrower positions. You can get around this by using some ordinary standoffs/spacers from your local hardware store to lift the BTA bottle upward and clear of the cup itself.
  • Mini Open Back Arm Cups Replacement Pads: standard replacements for the pads that come on our cups, same as what originally came with them.

Note: Mini Open Back Arm Cups are only compatible with M5 and M6 countersunk screws. They are not compatible with bars that require any other size (such as the latest model years of Speed Concept, which require M4 screws). Please check your bars before purchase to ensure compatibility.