Replacement Pads - Open Back

Replacement Pads - Open Back

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Scoops: Comfort Redefined

The all-new TriRig Scoops are an absolute revelation, and provide something that no other product on the market does. They take our existing Ergo Cups and dial everything good about them up to 11. With a total length of over 200mm and a substantial degree of arm wrap, Scoops have more surface area than any other production cup ever made. Up top, Scoops feature the same textured neoprene pad which has been so popular on our Ergo Cups, providing a great combination of grip and cushion. All Scoops orders come with an existing pad set already installed.

Scoops come in three versions:

  1. Open-Back Scoops: These cups function much like standard cups, but the extra length means more support and comfort than anything else.
  2. Closed-Back Scoops: These still function like standard cups, but also provide additional support at the back of the cup, wrapping behind the elbow, perfect for high-hands or upward-tilt positions. They keep you locked in to your position while allowing your entire upper body to relax.
  3. Scoops Ultimate: A complete cup/extension solution that offers the ultimate in comfort and aerodynamics. Read more about these below.

    Without exaggeration, we can say that Scoops offer the most substantial comfort upgrade you can make to your triathlon or TT bike. And when you're comfortable, you stay in the aero position longer, which only makes you faster. So these might be the most cost-effective upgrade of anything on the market in terms of converting dollars into speed (although our Styx skewers would be a strong contender for that title too)!

    Moreover, we took advantage of the massive length of the cups, and increased the adjustment range by adding more holes in the bottom of each cup. You can see the full bolt pattern by printing out this document at 100% scale. Then, compare to your current mounting points to see if Scoops will be compatible with your rig.

Key Features

Maximum Comfort

Scoops dramatically increase the reach, arm wrap, and surface area of the cup compared to anything on the market. At the same time, they also increase adjustment range with additional mounting points, slotted bolt holes, and keep the superior textured neoprene pad material of our current Ergo Cups. These are perhaps the most universal cups ever made, allowing virtually any ride to get a major ergonomic upgrade. Of course, we think they work particularly well with Alpha One.

Game-Changing Design

The Closed-Back Scoops share an identical ergonomic design with their Open-Back sibling, but the rounded/cupped allows the rider to completely relax the upper body and lock in to the position. In testing, we could hardly believe how much they changed the muscle recruitment of the rider, allowing complete concentration and effort on the power going into the pedals rather than on maintaining the aero position.


Scoops work with almost any bar on the market, and comes with everything you need to fit them. A small kit of spacers are included, to raise up the cups if needed to clear any aerobar hardware in the way of their considerable length, and a variety of M5 and M6 bolts are included as well. Just unbox, bolt on, and go!

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