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We consider Alpha One to be the most important product we have ever made. It completely changes what an aerobar is, and fundamentally changes the athlete's relationship to the evolution of fit. For the first time, you can adjust your bars on the fly, even out on the road. But in making this quantum leap in design, we didn't forget the fundamentals of what makes our previous aerobars so popular: superlative aerodynamics, a user-first platform, slick cable management, and careful attention to all the little details.

Mobile Fit Lab

Alpha One isn't just the fastest bar we've ever made, it also turns your bike into a mobile fit lab, offering easy and continuous adjustments without the need to swap out any parts or do any recabling of the bike. Just a quick turn of a wrench and you can change your position. This means you can finally dial in your bike incrementally, without any hassle or trips to the mechanic. Whether you're at the fitter, in the wind tunnel, or just out on the road, you can refine your position at any time, quickly and easily, to get the most out of yourself and your bike.

Monopost Stack Adjustment

Alpha One's patent-pending Monopost design allows you to achieve continuous, truly vertical stack adjustment from slammed to stacked in just seconds, using a single bolt that's always accessible at the front of the bar. This is a game-changer for bike fit. You can finally think of fit as an evolution rather than a fixed target, allowing fitters to prescribe a range and describe a process, instead of the decades-old and outdated "this is it" mentality of other bars. Up to 40mm of aero-matched spacers improves the fit range to a total of 120mm of stack adjust, while maintaining superlative aerodynamics and industry-best cable routing.

Integrated Tilt Adjustment

As more and more athletes have begun to discover the benefits of arm tilt, TriRig has been on the forefront of developing products that integrate it. Alpha One offers tilt of -10 to +17.5 degrees. Tilt is available at all stack heights, and can be adjusted at any time with two bolts between the arm cups. The bolts are always accessible and use the same 4mm wrench found everywhere else on the bar.

Ergo Cups with 21 Positions

Seven stance width options

21 unique cup positions

TriRig's new Ergo Cups are simply the most comfortable aerobar cup we've ever seen, anywhere. The huge surface area and arm wrap lock the rider into the aero position. The textured neoprene pads offer superior grip, comfort, and control. This all adds up to a cup that gives you the confidence and comfort to stay in aero longer. And ultimately, that makes you faster. Moreover, Alpha One offers twenty-one different positions for the cups, including seven stance width options, and three reach positions. There's simply nothing else on the market that offers this level of granular refinement. And everything on the bar adjusts independently; whether adjusting your arm cup, your extensions, your stack, or your tilt, everything else stays in place, and no bolt is ever occluded.

Superbike In a Box

TriRig is known for making the fastest bars in the world. And we are proud to say that Alpha One is the fastest bar we have ever designed or tested. It is the result of an extensive design process, using all of the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, and represents our best thinking on the subject. Upgrading to Alpha One lets you transform your existing bike into an absolute superbike..

Blazing Fast. UCI Legal.

In developing Alpha One, we designed dozens of different shapes for each individual component, both to optimize function as well as find the fastest combination of all parts. We conducted hundreds of CFD studies to eliminate every possible bit of drag. In the end, the fastest base bar in all of our studies was a truncated 3-to-1 airfoil that represents a virtual 6-to-1 shape. Although we expected deeper shapes to test fastest, sometimes aerodynamics is counter-intuitive, and it's why we actually run the studies instead of simply going with what we "guess" will be best. In the end, Alpha One is the fastest bar we have ever designed, period.

All Hardware Included

Alpha One comes with everything you need for all adjustments, right out of the box. All 120mm of stack adjustment, the aero-matched spacers, Ergo Cups, all reach adjustment, tilt adjustment, and accessory mounts are all included. Just add the rider.

The Dragonfly

The heart of Alpha one is the Dragonfly mount, which contains the extension clamps and arm cup mounts, and mates to the Monopost. This solid, extremely robust platform also includes five M5 bosses for mounting water bottle(s), computer mounts, storage accessories, and more. No bolt on the Dragonfly is ever occluded, and no-fuss C-clamps on the extensions mean wider extension compatibility and less sensitivity to tolerance stack.

Dynamic Fit Guide

Alpha One has the most advanced and comprehensive fit guide of any bar on the market, which allows you to generate a complete fit chart of the Alpha One with any bike, as well as showing you exactly how to set up the bar to hit YOUR position. Click here to check out the guide.

Complete Front-End Solution

Alpha One isn't merely a bar and stem. It is a complete front-end solution that takes care of every need, from fit and adjustment, to hydration and storage, and the evolution of your fit.

Aero-Matched Stem Spacers + Integrated Dust Cover

Alpha One's stem spacers are aero-matched to the shape of the bar, for superlative aerodynamics. The bottom channel allows you to run centerpull cable routing or full housing with ease, and their split-back design means they can be added or removed without re-cabling. They also integrate a dust cover, meaning you can replace all the non-aero equipment your bike came with, and upgrade to complete superbike status.

Integrated BTA Mounts

The middle of the Dragonfly contains five M5 bosses for mounting any accessory you like, from bottle cages, to computer mounts, to storage units, or anything else you can think of. Want to use a Wolftooth bracket to run a double-bottle setup like your favorite pro? Done! Just bolt them on and go.

Cable Management

Hassle-Free Routing

Just stick the housing in and it comes out the other side, no fishing required. Our separately-molded interior cavity ensures a completely smooth inner surface, no flash or flyouts, and nothing for the cable to snag on. And the carefully-crafted airfoil shape means your brake cable doesn't make any sharp turns on its way out, providing the best possible performance

Center-pull Cable Stop

Alpha One comes with a removable centerpull cable stop. If you use a center pull brake like the TriRig Omega X, you can route to this stop and run bare cable from there to the front brake for the cleanest possible setup. Or, simply remove the stop and run full housing or a hydraulic line to any other brake you want. Alpha One makes for a super-clean setup with anything.

Optional Delta Cover

Optional Delta Cover

Optional Delta Cover

Alpha One brings superbike aerodynamics to any standard bike. And to complete the package, we developed the Delta Cover, finally integrating the entire front end, hiding the Alpha One Monopost and the Omega brake. And the system works even on a standard, non-integrated bike. While Delta was originally designed for use with Omni, our aero tests show that it offers the same aero upgrade even to traditional double-diamond frames. In short, Alpha One, Omega, and Delta were born to be together, whether on Omni or a standard double-diamond frame.

Minimal, Simple, Light

Integrated One Piece Design

By combining the bar and stem into one integrated unit, we were able to save about 150g compared to the separate parts. Alpha One maintains best-in-class weight even with all its extensive features.

One Wrench to Rule them All

Every bolt uses a 4mm allen wrench to adjust. We include the beautiful Silca 4mm wrench from the acclaimed HX-One set, with every bar sold. This is the same wrench that we include with the Omni. Moreover, virtually every bolt is hidden from the wind, yet always accessible to the wrench.

No-Fuss Interfaces

Alpha One uses simple, no-fuss interfaces everywhere. The stem and extensions all use a traditional C-clamp which maximizes function and minimizes tolerance issues. This ensures that the bar just works, no hassle required.

No Bolt Occlusion

All bolts are accessible at all times. This makes adjustment easier. You will never have to remove an unrelated part that is in the way, preventing you from making an adjustment.

Fit Guide

This Guide shows you how to set up your TriRig Omni with the TriRig Alpha One or Alpha X aerobars. This Guide can help you replicate your current bike position, or set up your bike based on numbers from a bike fitter. The Fit Chart below shows the actual X/Y coordinates of your arm pads measured from the bottom bracket. This coordinate is the most important number that bike fitters use to determine your position on a triathlon bike. Be aware that some fitters use a coordinate to the top/back of the pad, rather than the top/center. In that case, you can subtract 44mm from all of the reach numbers in the Fit Chart, which yields the back of pad number. The steps below provide an easy-to-follow system for making sure you have the perfect fit with your Omni.

Step 1: Determine your current fit numbers

What we want is the X/Y coordinate to the top/center of your aerobar pads, measured from the bottom bracket. Most bike fitters can provide this number to you when performing a bike fit (although some provide it to the top/back of the pads rather than top/center). If you already know these numbers, you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow the steps below to determine these numbers for your current bike setup:

1-Place your bicycle up against the corner of a room, with the back tire abutting the wall.

2-Next, measure the vertical distance from the floor to the center of the bottom bracket. We'll call this measurement Floor Offset (FO).

3-Measure the horizontal distance from the wall to the center of the bottom bracket, we'll call this measurement Wall Offset (WO).

4-Measure the vertical distance from the floor to the top of your aerobar pads. This measurement will be Pads-To-Floor (PTF).

5-Measure the horizontal distance from the wall to the center of your aerobar pads. This will be called Pads-To-Wall (PTW).

6-Subtract Floor Offset from Pads-To-Floor (PTF minus FO). This is your Pad Stack.

7-Subtract Wall Offset from Pads-To-Wall (PTW minus WO). This is your Pad Reach.

Step 2: Review Frame Geometry

Small Medium Large
Frame Stack
(BB to Headset)
490mm 525mm 560mm
Frame Reach
(BB to Headset)
375mm 405mm 435mm
Front Center 560mm 600mm 640mm
Rear Center 400mm 400mm 400mm
Seat Angle 79° 79° 79°
Head Angle 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
Fork Offset 48mm 48mm 48mm

Step 3: Select Size, then find your position on the chart

The chart below shows the stack and reach information for the TriRig Omni with the included Alpha X aerobar, complete with the number of extension spacers and stem spacers used for each setup. Here's how to use the chart:

1-Use the dropdown box in the upper-right corner of the chart to select a bike size.

2-Find your Stack in the left-hand column of the chart, or the row that most closely matches your stack. Every cell in this row represents a way to set up the Alpha X on your Omni that will produce this stack number.

3-Each cell states the amount of Pad Spacers as well as Stem Spacers to use in order to hit your stack number.

4-In most cases, there will be multiple cells that can hit your stack. The best setup for your position will generally be the one with additional colored cells above AND below your selected cell. These cells represent room to move up or down in the future, merely by adding or removing Pad Spacers, which is generally the easiest way to make a position change.

5-Cells in blue represent a standard setup with the extensions over the bar. Cells in green represent the special undermount position, where the extensions are mounted below the bar.

6-Once you have selected a cell from your Stack row that represents your preferred position, look at the bottom of that column to the Reach section. The three rows of Reach cells show the reach to the center of the pad based on the three different adjustment positions available on the Alpha X arm cups. Select the one that most closely matches your Pad Reach number, and set up your pads/cups accordingly.

7-Note that fit numbers for the Omni w/ Alpha X are measured from the top/center of the headset to the top/center of the pad. All measurements for overmount hardware include the integrated BTA mount.