Epix Go-Fierce Short Sleeve Suit

We've done a fair amount of coverage of Epix Gear apparel, and always come away happy. Most recently, they put together some full custom kit for TriRig based on their newest high-end GoFierce line. When we began that project, I encouraged the Epix guys to develop a sleeved version of their full suit. Now that they have a true premium-construction suit, they should cater to the apex athletes who are trending towards sleeved suits, which tend to test faster in the wind tunnel (when they fit well). So that's exactly what they did. As a small company, Epix is very nimble, and constantly revising and updating their designs. So just six months after my initial suggestion, the short-sleeve GoFierce suit is here. And it's awesome.

All of the nice features from the original GoFierce sleeveless suit (still available, by the way) are on this short-sleeve version as well. The great fit, seamless waist, laser-cut leg grippers, leg pockets and zippered back pocket, very vivid and full dye-sublimated graphics, and amazingly-low minimum orders.

This really is a premium suit. The construction and materials are top-notch, and the fit and finish is excellent. The idea is that a properly-fitted short sleeve suit represents an aero advantage. Without specific tunnel testing, I can't say whether that's true for me. I tend to see more shoulder wrinkles than I'd like, but this is probably less a consequence of the suit than it is my broad shoulders.

There's a lot to really like about this suit, and very little to complain about. In fact, I really struggle to find anything to complain about. I really love the sleeveless version of this same suit, and the short-sleeve version ticks all of the same boxes. This is a really good option for an athlete looking to up their apparel game and add some personal style in the bargain.