Epix Go-Fierce Short Sleeve Suit
We've done a fair amount of coverge of Epix Gear apparel, and always come away happy. Most recently, they put together some full custom kit for TriRig based on their newest high-end GoFierce line. When we began that project, I encouraged the...
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A Tale of Two Trisuits
We've seen quite a bit of cool stuff from Epix Gear. They broke onto the apparel scene with some extreme design ideas rooted in excellent fit and function. Now they're continuing to expand on two different fronts. First, is their...
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Rudy Project Trisuit
Newcomers to the sport of triathlon could be forgiven for thinkining that every tri suit is the same. Our sport's multi-colored spandex uniforms stretch to such a degree that it almost seems like one size would fit all. But reviewing...
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