Kiwami pt 2 - Trinergy

Kiwami pt 2 - Trinergy

The Trinergy

This suit is a puzzle. On the one hand, Kaiman has the Amphibian, a suit which makes certain sacrifices in the name of pure, unadulterated speed. The Amphibian has a rear zip, which we aren't too fond of, but it has ultralight fabric that really makes a difference. On the other hand, it has the Kaiman, a full-featured suit that is as comfortable as it gets, and still goes quite fast. The Kaiman has a standard front-zip, tons plenty of pockets, and some other features worth checking out. The Trinergy sits somewhere in between these two suits, but seems to be the wrong compromise. It's short on features, and has the annoying rear zipper, yet it's still made of standard fabric. This is the opposite of what we'd like to see, which is the Kaiman made of the Amphibian's fabric. Instead, the Trinergy is the Amphibian, made of the slower standard fabric.

Clean Lines

Despite our gripes, this suit is really quite nice. Kiwami's build quality is second to none, and it's obvious from the moment you pick up the suit. The fabric seems ever so slightly thicker than standard trisuit fabric, which suggests it's going to be more durable. The zippers are genuine YKK zippers, known for their reliability and longevity. The leg grippers are the nicest we've ever used, and keep the leg in place without compressing the leg or making those lines show up on your legs.


The suit looks great from the front or the back.


Ultimately, we feel like this suit is all about the looks. It's a stunner. And as we've said before, the good part about the rear-zip construction is that there's nothing in the front squishing into your skin while you're in aero. The suit sits flush and comfortable. But while rear zips feel nice for that grip, their problem is that they make it impossible to modulate your temperature by unzipping during the run. With a suit like the Amphibian, this isn't a problem, because the ultralight fabric is more breathable. But with the Trinergy, you may find you'd like a little more air once in a while, and you're just not going to get it.

In the end, we'd much prefer the venerable Kaiman, but if you're a die-hard fan of rear zips, then by all means check out the Trinergy.