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Review: Birzman Floor Pump + Tools

Review: Birzman Floor Pump + Tools

Top to bottom, the Zacoo Maha III is a brilliant, high-quality piece of equipment.
The relative mouthful of a product name that is Birzman's 'Zacoo Maha III Floor Pump' doesn't do much to tell you about the awesome innovations that Birzman is doing in the world of bike tools. What caught my attention was their Snap-It pump head, which generally eliminates the frustrating experience of forcing a rubber pump head onto a tiny presta valve. I contacted Birzman and asked if I could review their gear, and they happily obliged. Along with the Zacoo pump, they sent along a couple of their hand tools, which they manufacture for both the shop and road. Enjoy the gallery below, along with the captions.

The world of bicycle tools is a LARGE one, and we couldn't possible hope to completely represent any brand in just one article. Still, from everything I've seen of Birzman, they take great pride in the quality of their equipment. Everything they make is meticulously designed and manufactured. For this article, however, all I wanted to look at was their unique Snap-It pump head, and one of the floor pumps that uses it, the Zacoo Maha III. In addition, I'll take a look at their Velocity Road Pump (which also features a Snap-It head), the Damselfly chain tool, and the Freexman Cicada 10 multi tool. As you click through the images, be sure to read the captions for a full description of these VERY high-quality tools. Birzman is doing great things for the cyclist and triathlete alike.