Review: 2015 Birzman Tools
Aside from an aluminum handle, the Maha II is virtually the same as the Maha III we reviewed previously; it has the same 5-degree tilt, big staple base, and now comes with the awesome Apogee L-shaped head. Maha Apogee II...
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Get Pumped: Inflation Shootout
Last month, I wrote a rather lengthy review about the new Silca lineup of inflation products. It was my first real in-depth piece specifically about inflation, and only TriRig's second inflation-related article since we reviewed the Birzman Zacoo Maha. Today,...
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Review: Birzman Floor Pump + Tools
Top to bottom, the Zacoo Maha III is a brilliant, high-quality piece of equipment.The relative mouthful of a product name that is Birzman's 'Zacoo Maha III Floor Pump' doesn't do much to tell you about the awesome innovations that Birzman...
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