Sigma: Installation and F.A.Q.
When we announced the Sigma Stem back in September, it was greeted with a good deal of excitement. As with our other products, we tried to find a unique solution to certain aerodynamic and fit problems that can't be found...
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Introducing the TriRig Sigma Stem
TriRig's next manufacturing project is a stem. Yep, the lowly, boring stem is getting our full attention. Why are we tackling a stem? The same reason we do anything else: we see some vast improvements to be made over what...
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The all-new Sigma XF and Sigma N35
TriRig is proud to introduce the redesigned Sigma line, including the Sigma XF (which replaces the Sigma Flat) and the Sigma N35 (which replaces the Sigma +35mm). The new stems are individually machined out of solid blocks of aircraft-grade T6-7075...
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