The all-new Sigma XF and Sigma N35

The all-new Sigma XF and Sigma N35

TriRig is proud to introduce the redesigned Sigma line, including the Sigma XF (which replaces the Sigma Flat) and the Sigma N35 (which replaces the Sigma +35mm). The new stems are individually machined out of solid blocks of aircraft-grade T6-7075 aluminum, one of the stiffest and most durable aluminum alloys in existence. Both stems retain the exact same geometry as their predecessors, as well as the same clamping zone height, and can be installed with the same installation instructions apply.

The Sigma XF also has a couple new features: it was designed to maintain a sleek aero profile even with the cable cover removed, and for that reason it can also be flipped to provide additional rise. The integrated cable stop works in either the standard or flipped position. The XF's cable cover now affixes with two bolts, allowing it to remain in place when installing or removing the optional BTA mount of the original. And finally, the XF has a wider overall profile and bolt stance, providing additional grip on the handlebar at lower torque, and further improving durability and fatigue life.