Pursuit SL + Control SL

Pursuit SL + Control SL

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Pursuit SL

The dark horse of the SL lineup, Pursuit SL is the dream of the Everesting rider. It is the only bar/stem combo on the market with plain pursuit handles and no extra hardware. At 215g including the minimal titanium hardware, it's both exceptionally light but still extremely robust, with complex 3D surfacing that provides some aero benefit without any sacrifice to stiffness. Its bar-ends are pre-drilled for Control SL installation, and the integrated 5-degree upsweep on the hand grips make for the perfect ride. Note, Pursuit SL is meant to be used exactly as shown, and is not designed for extenions to be added. It's the ultimate climbing bar, not necessarily a triathlon bar.

 Control SL

TriRig's new Control SL is perhaps on the more niche end of the SL line, but easily the most subversive in its design. The Control SL is a pair of bar-end brake levers, with detachable bar-end shifters. They feature the strongest braking formula of any lever on the market, for exceptional power and control. Their ultra-minimal design is lighter than any other set of levers on the market (almost 100g lighter than Ultegra levers), and they feature fully-internal cable routing. Moreover, their top-address bolt mounting means they are easier to install compared to levers that require you to route housing and install the lever before inserting the cable. An included guide makes it simple to drill the two 4mm holes required for mounting. The detachable bar-end shifters work in friction mode, and remain perfectly positioned at your fingertips for easy shifting and trimming. And again, the cable routing is fully internal but still easy to access. Use them both for a 2x setup, remove one for 1x drivetrains, or take them both off for electronic or extendsion-based shifting. Whether you want to built the ultimate Everesting rig, or just shave some weight from your tri bike, Control SL is a unique and elegant solution sure to put a special finishing touch on your setup.