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  • Simply the finest
    brake ever made

  • Minimum area,
    maximum function

  • Improved mechanics,
    improved aerodynamics

  • Huge clearance envelopes,
    and adjustment ranges

  • All mechanics hidden from
    wind and the elements

  • Aero at every angle

  • Perfect up front
    or in back

Omega One: Best. Brake. Ever.

For the better part of a decade, Omega has completely redefined what an aero brake could be. Our brakes have become the beloved favorite of pros and amateurs alike, and become the de-facto gold standard of aero brakes.

The new Omega One is a complete ground-up redesign, with an improved mechanical formula which both increases strength and offers vastly superior modulation. At the same time, the new aero shape is a complete rethinking of the aerodynamics of the system. Rather than a conglomeration of parts individually designed to make up the brake, Omega One was designed in its entirety as a single aerodynamic form, with its individual components carefully sculpted out of it. The result is by far the fastest brake we have ever made, which actually makes bikes aerodynamically faster than having no brake at all.

At the same time, we retained everything that makes our brakes so great. Omega One is just as easy to install as its predecessor. It retains the snap-on magnetic front plate, individual per-side brake centering controls, and the same wide-standard compatibility with our unique DM adapter. But at the same time, we increased pad reach range, tire clearance, system stiffness, and braking modulation. The best brake on the market just got a whole lot better.

Industry Feedback

"We love seeing TriRig's creative solutions to triathlon geekery. Omega One brings modern wide rim and tire clearance and improves aerodynamics? Yes, please."
-Tyler Benedict , Bikerumor

"Omega One is a seriously tempting alternative to upgrading to a disc-equipped tri bike - saving weight, money and drag while giving back the incredible braking performance the Omega range is famed for."
-Tom Ballard , Triathlon Vibe

New Features (See all)

Aerodynamic Supremacy

Omega One is the fastest brake we have ever made, and the first brake we've ever tested that actually makes the bike faster than having no brake at all. You can finally get that superbike performance in a standalone brake. And it is fast from all angles, whether mounted up front, in back, or below the bottom bracket. Even the cable stop is aero-shaped!

Clean and Weatherproof

Omega One's unified aero shape hides the rollers, spring, and all mechanicals from view, making for a cleaner appearance while also providing better protection from the elements.

Optimized and Improved

Every aspect of our previous brakes has been tweaked and improved. Omega One has less frontal area while simultaneously improving stiffness, modulation, and range of adjustment. Every last millimeter of space has been shaved away, leaving only the most efficient shapes. The new front plate improves retention and fitment, while maintaining the simple convenience of our well-loved magnetic closure.


Omega One represents the pinnacle of everything TriRig has learned about brakes. It's simple to set up, adjust, and use. It's easy to travel with, allowing you to pop out the Wedge and housing, leaving your perfectly-adjusted brake on the fork while freeing your handlebars for safe storage. It accommodates the largest road rims and tires on the market, and its huge adjustment range means it will work no matter the peculiarities of your particular frame.

And of course, Omega One keeps everything that made its predecessors so great. Read about the brake's features in depth, right here » All Features.