The Custom Cervelo P-Series of Jeff Bosch
This is easily the most beautiful Cervelo P-Series we have ever seen. You might be forgiven for thinking it's one of Cervelo's more integrated offerings like the P5 or the PX. But in fact, this is the more flexible P-Series,...
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Phil White, co-founder of Cervélo
These are probably the narrowest hub flanges we've ever seen on a spoked aero wheel. They significantly reduce the frontal area of the spokes. How do they perform? Check out the full article for more.
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Kona 2016: Race Expo
Cervelo P5X » Cervelo's new P5X was launched in fine fashion with a really cool display on Ali'i drive. My favorite thing about the bike is the one-bolt stack adjustment. The pads telescope up and down as a complete unit,...
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